Coaches Information

Steve Gateau...

As the head coach of the Ospreys my primary focus is on FUN-damentals.  At this stage, the players are developing basic ball skills and slowly being introduced to the more advanced technical and tactical elements of the game.  I also try to instill not just a love of soccer but of athletics and an active life style in general.  This is achieved through the use of praise and positive reinforcement while using games as opposed to drills to teach soccer.   Every effort is made to learn and utilize the latest and most advanced methods for player development.  Kids learn more and play harder if they are having fun. 

While laying a sound foundation of fundamentals the girls are also being introduced to the basic concepts of team play.  From attending in-numerable coaching classes and clinics one point has always been made above all others.  Teach the “Principles of Play” and everything else will take care of itself.  There are five basic principles for both attacking and defending.  The Ospreys are learning these concepts and how to apply them as a team.


 Mary Grube